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What does Bill of Loading mean ? (B/L): It is a document which is used in transportation via train, aircraft or ship and shows that the goods have been received in order to be transported and will be delivered to the owner of the bill of loading at the point of arrival.


What does Proforma Invoice mean? (PI) : It is a sort of invoice, which is issued in order to provide information to the buyer about the type, quality, estimated price and cost, sale conditions of the goods to be sold and which has more the characteristics of a proposal.


What does Certificate of Origin mean (CO) ?: It is a document which shows the country where a commodity is manufactured or made, and is approved by its administrative authorities and is visaed by the consulates of the buyer country.


What does Commercial Invoice mean? It is a record of the transaction made between the buyer and seller.


What does Cost and Freight mean? (CFR): Cost of commodity and freight.


What does Air Freight mean? It is the cost of carrying the load by airline


What does Airway Bill mean?: It is an insurance which is applied in order to ensure that the goods transported via airline reach to their buyer in a healthy way.


What does Cash on Delivery mean?: It is the payment of the cost of the exported commodity, after the receipt of commodity by the importer.


What does Forwarding Agent mean? It is the person specialized on transporting goods, which is generally the transportation broker.


What does Freight Insurance mean? It is the insurance that will cover the losses that may occur in goods or transportation vehicles during transport.


What does freight mean?: It is the sum of fees that will be paid on behalf of the carrier, with respect to the transport of the commodity and passenger.


What does Delivery Order mean?:  The instruction written by the ship agents addressing to the captain or by the transport agents addressing to the transporter, in order to show how to perform loading and unloading before it is carried out.