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From minimum cargo to charter aircraft loading, Sega Logistics provides freights in accordance with all of your needs of airline transportation and offers boutique services special to you.

  • Import/Export Transportations,
  • At all points of the world) A Strong Network of Agencies
  • Door-to-Door Delivery to All Locations of the World
  • Regular Consolidation from the Far East Each Week
  • 3rd Country Transports (Cross trade shipment)
  • Project Transportation,
  • Transit Loading Transportation,
  • Private Bulky Transports,
  • Express Service,
  • Fast, Reliable, Economic Service
  • Services Requiring Specialization


Our Airline Department has started off with boutique service mentality and by adding on new services each passing year, it has focused on how to offer better services.

We are able to provide export and import services for all airports serving to international trade. We are able to offer door-to-door transport services thanks to our strong network of agencies and mentality of high quality service. 

By generating solutions towards the needs, it is our primary service mentality to help our customers have their concentrations remained in their own fields of activity such as production, marketing and sales and relieve them of their burden of logistics, and act as their solution partner.