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Exportation means; the procedure of taking the goods, which are planned to be exported abroad, out of Turkish Customs Territory or into the free trade zones in accordance with applicable export and customs legislations, or means; other exit and transactions thereof which shall be accepted as export by the Undersecretariat.
Export regime; is the framework in which the relevant provisions on the procedure for taking the goods in free circulation out of Turkish Customs Territory for export purpose are applied.

For the accomplishment of an export transaction; a commodity which is subject to foreign trade and which shall be sold, and a legal or real person who shall complete this transaction,  residing in Turkish Republic, having a tax number(T.R. Identification number is adequate for the real persons) are necessary. 

In case of primary exportation, registration into Customs Administration and Exporters’ Association is obligatory. Please find below the necessary documents for registration;

  •  For legal persons; signatory circulars, for real persons; statement of signature 
  • Field of Activity (for legal persons)
  • Trade registration gazette (for legal persons)
  • Tax-Payer letter ( for legal persons) 
  • Power of Attorney (in case of action by proxy)
  • Identity card photocopies, of those to perform the transaction 

Following the general applications, according to the applicable legislation which the goods to be exported are subject to; other procedures (issuing invoice, paying the Exporters’ Association fee which is determined according to the amount of the invoice, etc.) shall be completed.