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What does Bill of Lading mean? (B/L Bill of Lading ): Certificate used for transportation through train, airplane or vessel  and proving that that goods have been accepted for transportation and shall verify that the goods will be delivered to the owner of the bill of lading at the destination point .


What does Proforma Invoice mean? (PI/Proforma Invoice) : Type of invoice issued to provide information to the buyer regarding the type, quality, price and sales terms of the goods to be sold, which is indeed serves as an offer/ quotation.


What does Certificate of Origin mean?(CO/Certificate of Origin) :  Certificate indicating the country in which the relevant product has been manufactured or produced, certified by the administrative authorities and approved by the importer countries’ consulates.


What does Commercial Invoice mean? (Commercial Invoice) : Indicates  the action made between the Buyer and Seller. 


What does Cost and Freight mean? (CFR) : Price of the product and freight.


What does Air Freight mean: Airway transportation charge  


What does Airway Bill mean? (Airway Bill) : Insurance applied for enabling the goods being transported by airway to be received by the buyer 


What does Cash on Delivery mean? (Cash on Delivery) : Payment of the export charge after the goods are accepted by the exporter.


What does Forwarding Agent means? (Forwarding Agent) : The specialized party in  transportation business, generally the forwarding agent.


What does Freight Insurance mean?  (Transportation Insurance) : Insurance to cover  probable loss and damages to occur during the transportation both on the goods and transportation vehicle.  


What does Freight mean? (Freight): The entire fee to be paid to the forwarder for the transportation of the goods and passenger.


What does Delivery Order mean? :  Prior to loading and unloading, instruction written to the captains of the ship agency or to the forwarder of the forwarding company indicating how the loading and unloading processes shall be made.